Does the NIV and modern translations of the Bible equate Jesus with Lucifer by translating the phrase ‘bright and morning star’?


Does the NIV equate Jesus with Lucifer by translating the phrase ‘bright and morning star’?


This argument is presented from a position of ignorance (or lack of knowledge). If we take the time to examine the Hebrew word used in Isaiah 14:12, it is the word ‘heylel’ which means: light-bearer, shining one, morning star.

Lucifer is the word English translators used. It comes from the word ‘lucent’ or to give off light. Whether the KJV critics like it or not, the name the Bible gives to Satan in this particular passage means ‘light bearer’ or ‘morning star’. It is God who chose this name and it is foolish to rebuke it.

The irony of the argument is that God is describing Satan’s fall. God created Satan in perfection, filled with brilliance, beauty and established on the Holy mountain of God (Ezekiel 28:12-19). God is describing the beauty of Satan before his fall and then states, “How you are cut down to the ground”. Jesus assumed authority over all things and He truly is the bright and morning star. This glory belongs to God and He is able to give it to whomever He chooses. In Revelation 2:28, we are promised the bright and morning star to those who overcome. Satan once possessed this, in the future we will possess this roll if we are faithful.

Whether we translate this passage in Isaiah as ‘morning star’ or Lucifer is purely an issue of preference. Both words mean the same thing. Lucifer is only mentioned once in the Bible and it is this passage. This word is not the name of Satan as we have equated today, but a descriptive word God used to describe the glory Satan was given by the authority of God before he fell. In Ezekiel, God uses the King of Tyre to refer to Satan but Satan’s name is not the King of Tyre. This is a metaphor used to paint a picture that we can use to understand what God is saying. The utter wickedness of Tyre was masked by the splendor of their wealth and beauty just as Satan’s splendor masked the wickedness and violence he thought was hidden in his heart.

Eddie Snipes

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