How could billions of people have come through a small gene pool (Noah and his sons)?


I have to admit your theories on how the Noah’s ark story could be true are quite interesting. However, there is one other thing that you have forgotten. According to the bible, god only spared Noah and his family (Genesis 6:10 “And Noah became the father of three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.). (Genesis 6:18 “But I will establish My covenant with you; and you shall enter the ark-you and your sons and your wife, and your sons’ wives with you.) That means that a total of 8 people entered the Ark. If god destroyed all other human life on earth, that means that only 8 people were left to populate the earth. Science has proven that a society cannot thrive with out a large enough gene pool, even several hundred people would not be enough to keep a society going. How can 8 people do it then?

The story of Noah’s Ark cannot possibly be true, inbreeding can only take you so far, how could we have become a population of over 6 billion people, with such diverse physical characteristics come from only 8 people, 4 of which already share the same gene pool.

Explain that

D. P.


Your argument is self-refuting. Even evolution must pass through the same path the Bible takes us. If it is impossible for 6 billion people to develop the diverse characteristics through only 8 people, then it is also impossible for evolution to produce 6 billion people with those same diverse characteristics. Did the evolutionary by-chance process have the large gene pool you claim was necessary? In fact, science has proven the opposite of your claim. Research reveals that all societies have a common link in the gene pool. Of course evolutionists claim that link came from an evolutionary branch and not special creation.

If you take two sets of finches with identical characteristics and place them on isolated islands and allow them to grow for 2-3 hundred years, you will have two completely different breeds of finches. Climate, food supply and various other external stimuli affect physical traits. A finch is still a finch, but characteristics will vary (See Macro vs. Micro evolution on my website). The same is true for the human race. Why is it that my children look like me and I look like my parents, but if I go back 6 or 7 generations, the resemblance is lost? We change in appearance according to our diet, surroundings and many other factors. Evolution must pass through the same path creation stands on, only evolution must explain away answers rather than providing them.

If you are wondering how the gene pool could survive genetic defects with such a limited number of people, read the section called, ‘The unanswerable question’ on the page

This explains the gene question about how Cain got his wife and why intermarrying was acceptable in early biblical history.

Eddie Snipes

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