Critical Thinking about Creation vs. Evolution

Critical Thinking about Creation vs. Evolution

A general observation. On occasion, an atheist will post a mocking comment on a blog, website, or forum related to this topic. Once this happens, hundreds of atheists rush to my site and flood my email with profanity, mocking, and insults. People are definitely sheep. If you’re an atheist rushing out to prove your dedication to the zeitgeist, your emails only prove the truth of what this study claims.

This page is designed to equip Christians to be confident and be able to defend their faith in scripture’s claim that the earth and man is a special creation. I believe in a literal Genesis and a literal 6 day creation. God did not need 6 days, but the Bible makes it clear that God took six days to establish man’s week of six days to work and one to rest.

This page is not designed to provide more evidence for creation. It has been frequently criticized because it does not focus enough on the evidence. I have other pages that do this and there are ample resources available. The problem with presenting more evidence only is that when we are presented with so-called evolutionary scientific evidence, people are quickly persuaded in the other direction. My goal for this page is not to persuade you, but to convince people to look beyond the arguments of evolutionists and at the evidence. When evolution and creation are honestly represented, everything points to creation and ultimately to God.

As you will see if you read these pages through, evolution is bolstered by evasive arguments and opinions and not by facts. This page is written from a Christian perspective and for Christians. I know that die-hard evolutionists will reject this without reading once questions begin challenging their faith in Darwin. I have had many discussions with evolutionists and the vast majority will not read contradictory opinions unless it is filtered through evolutionists. I can tell that most critics do not read this completely because the objections they raise are often addressed in the very pages they are criticizing. When the evolution foundation begins to wobble, people usually bail out or become outraged. I have also found that most evolution believers will reject creation because they have found one thing that can’t be 100% proven, yet they have faith in evolution, which is built on a foundation that is unprovable and filled with holes and contradictions. When someone rejects 90% of the evidence because evolution can fit into the other 10%, that tells us that the evidence is not the issue. The issue is that they want evolution to be true and any hope will do.

I also get criticism because of the quotes I use from evolutionists. These quotes do reflect negatively on evolution, but I am in no way implying that these scientists have abandoned evolution or support creation. These quotes are presented solely to reveal that their belief in evolution is pure faith and not evidence.

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