It Is Finished!

The finished work of Christ is God’s gift of love to you. Because of the cross, you are no longer bound by sin, fear, It_is_Finished_Cover_for_Kindle.jpgor doubt. The wrath of God was poured out on sin on the cross, and now you have the gift of perfect fellowship. God’s acceptance is complete. Your forgiveness is complete. Two-thousand years ago, Jesus paid for every sin so you could have fellowship with God. According to the Bible, you have been invited into the fellowship between the Father and the Son. Yet fear and doubt robs most Christians of this fellowship.

We all struggle and have weaknesses and sin, yet according to the Bible, Jesus took that sin out of the way and no longer do we have to wallow in defeat. The sin that you ‘feel’ is driving God away from you is actually driving you toward God. While Satan is trying to persuade you to grovel in defeat, God stands at the end of your failure with a welcoming hand. Instead of defeating us, failure should be showing us our inability to become self-righteous. When our righteousness fails, Christ welcomes us into perfect fellowship by His righteousness, given to us so we can fully understand the love God has for us.

God’s love is not dependent upon your performance. God’s love is the expression of His nature, and He delights in taking sinful people and replacing human failure with His divine favor. My prayer is that this book will guide you into believing in the love of God. It’s time to wave good-bye to the weakness of sinful flesh and receive the gift of God’s favor. It’s not until we fail that we discover that righteousness can’t be obtained by human effort. It can only be a gift of God’s favor. Your failure is not a barrier to God. Once you learn to believe in the love God has for you, sin will drive you to His righteousness instead of into defeat. In Christ, it is finished. Once you learn to trust in God’s gift of grace, you’ll never view life through the old eyes of human performance again. Enjoy the fellowship you already have been given!

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