Simple Faith – How every person can experience intimacy with God

Two-thousand years ago, God laid the foundation of His Kingdom through twelve ill-equipped and under qualified disciples. During the most important event of Jesus’ ministry, His best leaders simple faith cover 640x970couldn’t keep their eyes open long enough to pray for an hour. And then they all abandoned Him and fled for their lives when they felt threatened. Yet these twelve men later turned the world upside down through the ministry God entrusted to them.

Nothing has changed. God hasn’t called you because you were qualified. Often times it is just the opposite. God calls imperfect people to accomplish His perfect plan. When you fall short, God knew beforehand. And He still called you. God didn’t call you because you were perfect, but because this faith is about His power to accomplish His will in your life – regardless of your weaknesses. Your call is to walk by faith in His calling. It’s all about intimacy with God and His ability to transform your weakness into His strength!


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