Sound Mind – God’s Plan for Emotional and Mental Health

The Lord has promised His people power, love, and a sound mind. God’s design is for you to live life in His power, have strong relationships, and have a mind that is at peace and filled with joy. Yet life Sound mind front cover for bowkeris filled with things that cause stress, break down relationships, and rob us of joy. For those who look to God’s design, joy becomes the strength to endure, and the scriptures give us the path to thrive in every circumstance. The Lord doesn’t merely want you to endure life, but to live it abundantly. The abundant life is not dependent upon circumstances.

Learn how to reprogram your mind into positive ways of thinking and overcome negative attitudes and behaviors. Whether you have deep rooted struggles or want to experience joy on a deeper level, this book covers the truths every person should know. A godly attitude changes everything, and if you live by God’s principles, the abundant life is yours. Instead of having an attitude dictated by your circumstances, explore the Bible’s plan for a joyful attitude that overcomes your trouble. Don’t live outside of God’s promise!

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[important]For those who need an audio version, below is a free copy of this book in mp3 format. If you find this helpful and want to make a small donation, any support is appreciated. A donation is *not* required to download the audio book.[/important]

Click on the links below to play or right-click to download each chapter as an MP3 file.

 01 – Introducing the Sound Mind

02 – The Promise of a Sound Mind

03 – Preparing for War

04 – The Blessed Attitude

05 – Freedom to Rule

06 – Forgiveness

07 – Is Unforgiveness ever Justified

08 – A Blessed Confidence

09 – Cultivating a Thankful Heart

10 – Planting and Cultivating

11 – Preparing to Face the Challenge

12 – I can’t control my thoughts

13 – Turning Mountains into Molehills

14 – Give the Lord no rest

15 – Setting Our Emotional Table

16 – Dealing with Fear

17 – Take Every Thought Captive

18 – Restoring Relationships

19 – Don’t Let the Past Haunt You

20 – The Deception of Assumptions

21 – Living Out These Truths

22 – Acknowledgments

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