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Stop Trying to Fix Yourself

Stop Trying to Fix Yourself: Learn to Rest in the Overcoming Power of the Spirit

Everyone has struggles of the flesh. Whether your struggles are life-controlling issues, such as substance abuse, uncontrollable habits, or you are longing for more meaning in your life of faith, this book explores the scriptural teachings that guarantee the life lived more abundantly. Jesus said, “The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Most religious practices (even those under the title of Christianity) are built on a flawed principle. They seek to strengthen the flesh and depend on coping mechanisms, and try to force our source of weakness to become our strength. This can only create very limited success, and is often a guarantee of failure. God’s design is to die to our weakness, and grow in the life where the Spirit is more than willing to empower us to live and thrive in a fruitful life, built around acceptance and perfect fellowship with God. You can’t fix the flesh. You can’t fix yourself. It’s God’s job to subdue your sinful flesh and empower you to live and thrive in the life of the Spirit. God is your strength; not your condemner. God is your righteousness, not your punisher. As you learn to walk in the Spirit, you’ll understand the Bible’s statement, “Now all things are of God. Old things have passed away. Behold all things are new.” You were meant to bloom in every circumstance, and the Bible says that a joyful and fruitful life is a guarantee. This book explores the principles that help you grow in this promise!
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Revelation of Grace

The Revelation of Grace: Founded Upon Grace Series: Book 1

One of the greatest hindrances within the church is that Christians don’t believe what God has declared, that those who are in Christ have been freed from both sin, and the law that condemned sin. Scriptures teach that through one man, Adam, sin came into the world, and through that offense, mankind came under bondage to sin. Yet the Bible then explains that the grace that came through Christ much more abounded over the sin that came through Adam, and that Jesus appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself.

God declared that His grace much more abounded over sin, but the church believes that sin abounds over the grace that came through Christ. We have been taught to believe that our sin can defeat the work of Christ, instead of being taught that as we learn to walk in grace by faith, sin cannot stand. People resist what has been called hypergrace because they fear sin, when the Bible teaches that sin cannot have dominion over those who walk by faith.

God has revealed grace so we can understand that there is no barrier between us and perfect fellowship with God. The Old Testament believers were forbidden to come into God’s presence, but once Christ conquered sin, the veil that stood between us and God’s holiness was torn from heaven’s side down to man. Now we are commanded to come confidently before God without fear, because Jesus made and end of sin. Until you understand grace, and how it is the defeat of sin, you will never grow beyond superficial Christianity. My prayer is that this book will be a tool to guide you into faith in His grace.
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Spirit Filled Life

The Spirit-Filled Life: Founded Upon Grace: Book 2

The Bible teaches that we have a new nature, born of the Spirit, and hidden with Christ in God. The scriptures teach that because our new nature is born of God, we cannot sin (referring to the inner man), we are sanctified, and we have been given all things that pertain to life and godliness. If this is true, why do we struggle to rise above our temptations and weaknesses?
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Predestined for Good Works

Predestined for Good Works: Founded Upon Grace: Book 3

Most people view works as their gift to God. The truth is that God has prepared His works for you, and it is His gift to you. It’s not how you earn rewards, but how you fulfill Jesus’ promise, “It’s the Father’s good pleasure to give you His kingdom.” Once you understand that works are gifts of God’s grace (or favor) toward you, then it eliminates burn-out, fear, and the pressure of success. Success is a guarantee – if you are walking in God’s prepared gift for you.

This is why it’s important to have a good understanding of what the Bible means when speaking of predestination and election. Rather than teaching that God pre-chose who would be allowed into salvation, we’ll examine the scriptures that clarify that this is an invitation of grace through faith. It’s an invitation given to all, and God will not issue a call unless He fully intends to honor it. I’m confident that as you examine these scriptures without preconceived ideas, you’ll gain a deeper understanding and will never look at works or predestination the same way again.

Predestination is given to reveal God’s plan, and these scriptures are designed to give you confidence and assurance. That’s why the Bible says things like, “If you do these things, you will never stumble,” and “You will bear much fruit.” The one walking in God’s plan by faith is guaranteed a fruitful life. Find out what it means to walk in a life filled with the joy of discovery.
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Help! I think I've committed the Unpardonable Sin

Help! I Think I’ve Committed the Unpardonable Sin: Why the Cross Makes This Impossible

Condemnation is the evidence that we don’t understand the love of God. The Bible assures our hope in Christ, but this is undermined by the misunderstanding of scriptures that have been used to create fear of the so-called unpardonable sin. This book examines these scriptures in context to understand what is being taught. According to the Bible, God’s love casts out all fear, and the hearing of the word produces faith. Any teaching that creates fear is not founded upon the truth of God.

It’s time to get out of fear, and discover the amazing teachings of scripture. These not only give us the assurance of salvation, but also disarms many doubts that create fear in the Christian life.

-Did you know that God swore an oath that under the New Covenant of grace, He will never again be angry at His people?
-Did you know that the Bible teaches that it’s God’s job to suppress sin in your life?
-Did you know your righteousness is a gift of God, and sin cannot destroy this work of Christ?
-Did you know that a blasphemous thought cannot overcome the righteousness of God which was given to you?
-Did you know that sin was put to death in Christ, and this was foretold through the coffin that sat at the center of all Old Testament worship?

Let’s leave condemnation in the grave, explore these scriptures together, and discover what the Bible calls the abundant life. This is when you’ll find rest for your soul in the finished work of Christ.
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Promise of a Sound Mind

The Lord has promised His people power, love, and a sound mind.

God’s design is for you to live life in His power, have strong relationships, and have a mind that is at peace and filled with joy. Yet life is filled with things that cause stress, break down relationships, and rob us of joy. For those who look to God’s design, joy becomes the strength to endure, and the scriptures give us the path to thrive in every circumstance. The Lord doesn’t merely want you to endure life, but to live it abundantly. The abundant life is not dependent upon circumstances.

Learn how to reprogram your mind into positive ways of thinking and overcome negative attitudes and behaviors. Whether you have deep rooted struggles or want to experience joy on a deeper level, this book covers the truths every person should know. A godly attitude changes everything, and if you live by God’s principles, the abundant life is yours. Instead of having an attitude dictated by your circumstances, explore the Bible’s plan for a joyful attitude that overcomes your trouble. Don’t live outside of God’s promise!
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Abounding Grace

Abounding Grace

Grace is the gospel. The gospel of Christ is not a religion based on human achievement or a merit system. It’s based on trusting in the finished work of Christ. Some who don’t believe the message of grace (aka hyper-grace) are calling it an apostasy and deception. When someone doesn’t understand grace or what it means to live by the Spirit, they will make claims like grace enables us to sin. This book explains what grace is, why grace is the gospel, and why the Bible says, the grace of God teaches you how to deny ungodliness. Religion says, “Try harder.” Grace says, “Rest in the work of Christ and be changed.” This book will both dispel rumors launched against those who believe in grace while showing why the Bible teaches that grace is the only way to experience life in the Spirit.
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Living in the Spirit

Living in the Spirit: God’s Plan for you to Thrive in the Abundant Life

If God has given us a new nature that desires the righteousness of God, why do we still struggle with sin? How can a Christian act in ways that are very unChristlike?

The Bible tells us that the old man (old nature) was taken out of the way and buried with Christ, and that our new nature is incorruptible. Yet the unemployed body of flesh wars against our minds trying to bring us back into submission to sin.

A Christian that tries to live through the flesh will be in bondage. Unless we learn the difference between the flesh and the Spirit, we are destined to live according to the flesh. Let’s explore how to live in the promise, “If you do these things you will never stumble!”
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The Victorious Christian Life

The Victorious Christian Life: Living in Grace and Walking in the Spirit

The victorious Christian life is not based on what you do for God, but what Christ has done for you.

In Christ, you were ordained to conquer weaknesses, rise above failures, and inherit all of God’s promises. Jesus said, it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you His kingdom. God wants you to inherit everything reserved for the believer. In fact, the Bible says that we have been given everything that pertains to life and godliness. This means that a life lived in Christ cannot fail.

While Jesus promised freedom, many feel bound to their past, the requirements of religion, and the limitations of their abilities. This is because the promise isn’t given to those who walk according to the flesh, but only to those who walk in the Spirit.

So what does it mean to walk in the Spirit? How do you live according to the new creation and put the deeds of the old creation to death? Understanding these fundamental truths are essential for walking in victory. Victory has been given, but we must learn to live in the Spirit.

Living by faith isn’t complicated, but unless we know what has been given to us through Christ, the truth cannot set us free. Lay aside guilt, fear, and frustration. Take the hand of grace and enjoy your fellowship with God as you journey through a life of victory!
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I Called Him DAncer

Christian Fiction – Nominated for GA Author of the Year

I Called Him Dancer

I Called Him Dancer is about a boy growing up in a broken home. His fragile world is shattered when his mother leaves him with a relative and walks out of his life. After seeing a man dancing with grace and acrobatics, he decides to imitate the man and discovers a natural talent for dance. His life’s passion becomes dance and eventually the young man achieves his dream of Broadway. A drug addiction and his inner demons destroy his life and he eventually becomes homeless. His previous dance partner refuses to let go and reaches out to him, but he rejects her. Bitter at God and the world, the dancer embraces a solitary life on the streets. Though he lashes out at God, the Lord has other plans for the fallen dancer.
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Tempted No More

Tempted No More: Breaking Free of Pornography By Walking in Grace

Pornography is a taboo in the church, but it’s not going away. In this era of easy access, sweeping the problem under the rug can no longer work. Using guilt and fear to shame people into changing does not work. Research has shown that pornography addictions have very similar effects on the brain as drug addiction. Most people with sexual addictions want to stop, but they find themselves powerless to do so. I was such a person. Was.

God does not rage against the addict. Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” In my despair, no one had more spiritual poverty than I did, and instead of wrath, I found grace. I learned that it was God’s job to overcome my sin. As I learned to walk in grace by faith, my addiction withered up and died.

God is not waiting for you to clean up your life. The Lord walks with you in loving kindness as you learn to allow Him to transform your life. Don’t believe the lie that God casts you off until you learn how to be holy. Take this amazing journey of faith where God draws you into His holiness with the promise, “If you walk in the Spirit, you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.”

The porn addict has a great opportunity to experience the life in the Spirit that others have a hard time seeing, for where sin abounds, grace much more abounds. You can not only be free from this addiction, but one day you’ll grow to realize, “I am tempted no more!”
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It Is Finished

It is Finished: How God defeated condemnation and gave you the completed work of Christ

The finished work of Christ is God’s gift of love to you. Because of the cross, you are no longer bound by sin, fear, or doubt. The wrath of God was poured out on sin on the cross, and now you have the gift of perfect fellowship. God’s acceptance is complete. Your forgiveness is complete. Two-thousand years ago, Jesus paid for every sin so you could have fellowship with God. According to the Bible, you have been invited into the fellowship between the Father and the Son. Yet fear and doubt robs most Christians of this fellowship. We all struggle and have weaknesses and sin, yet according to the Bible, Jesus took that sin out of the way and no longer do we have to wallow in defeat. The sin that you ‘feel’ is driving God away from you is actually driving you toward God. While Satan is trying to persuade you to grovel in defeat, God stands at the end of your failure with a welcoming hand. Instead of defeating us, failure should be showing us our inability to become self-righteous. When our righteousness fails, Christ welcomes us into perfect fellowship by His righteousness, given to us so we can fully understand the love God has for us. God’s love is not dependent upon your performance. God’s love is the expression of His nature, and He delights in taking sinful people and replacing human failure with His divine favor. My prayer is that this book will guide you into believing in the love of God. It’s time to wave good-bye to the weakness of sinful flesh and receive the gift of God’s favor. It’s not until we fail that we discover that righteousness can’t be obtained by human effort. It can only be a gift of God’s favor. Your failure is not a barrier to God. Once you learn to believe in the love God has for you, sin will drive you to His righteousness instead of into defeat. In Christ, it is finished. Once you learn to trust in God’s gift of grace, you’ll never view life through the old eyes of human performance again. Enjoy the fellowship you already have been given!
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Simple Faith

Simple Faith – How every person can experience intimacy with God

Two-thousand years ago, God laid the foundation of His Kingdom through twelve ill-equipped and under qualified disciples. During the most important event of Jesus’ ministry, His best leaders couldn’t keep their eyes open long enough to pray for an hour. And then they all abandoned Him and fled for their lives when they felt threatened. Yet these twelve men later turned the world upside down through the ministry God entrusted to them.

Nothing has changed. God hasn’t called you because you were qualified. Often times it is just the opposite. God calls imperfect people to accomplish His perfect plan. When you fall short, God knew beforehand. And He still called you. God didn’t call you because you were perfect, but because this faith is about His power to accomplish His will in your life – regardless of your weaknesses. Your call is to walk by faith in His calling. It’s all about intimacy with God and His ability to transform your weakness into His strength!
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